Commissions Overview

Here you can request my services to develop your real or imagined person, place or thing into a finely rendered work of art. We will work together formulating the idea and I will keep you updated as the project unfolds and we will talk multiple times through the process as we come to an agreement on subject matter, rough draft and any finishing touches.

Prices are highly variable but all commission projects start at $150

Please read over Terms and Conditions


This is a portrait of your loved one, favorite fictional character or even your beloved pets. We will have a half hour consultation to discuss all the particular details you hope to see depicted and come to an agreement on price. Multiple subjects and modification of some reality is possible. 

Character Design

It might be your own DnD character, it might be concepts for your indie video game production. Whatever character design project you have in mind, I will bring your ideas to full bodied life with a range of options for settings, rendering and presentation. Request a consultation to discuss your idea further


From book covers and interior art, posters, home decor or even your next tattoo design! With fine attention to detail and craftsmanship I will create the visual world you are looking for designed to your specifications. A range of styles are possible and I enjoy exploring almost any topic