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  • Deadlines need to be agreed upon beforehand. Very short deadlines might be charged an extra rush fee.

  • Payments are made by Cash (in person only, when possible) PayPal, Vinmo or the Square app

  • Work on a commission does not begin until we have spoken in detail about your idea and have confirmed a mutually satisfactory agreement on price.

  • Extra design fees might be applied if no reference images are provided and if you would like me to draw based only on the description. This is applicable and possible only with illustrations and character designs. You will always be notified if extra fees will be incurred

  • You need to make sure you have all the needed permissions for the use of any character that is not your original creation.

  • Characters from pop culture are accepted.

  • Changing the commission after its completion is possible if there was a misunderstanding or a communication mistake. Depending on who is responsible for the communication error, extra fees may be applicable.




  • Commissions are generally non-refundable.

Conditions for refunds are:

  • I haven't started working on the commission.
    (must be within 1 week from when payment was made)

  • I can't provide the artwork for any reason.




  • The final artwork is only for personal use. The rights for commercial use must be purchased.

  • Please remember to always credit and link back to me if you post the artwork online.

  • I hold the rights over my commissions. (post in my galleries, publicity, prints, graphics, merchandise, …)

  • I reserve the right to livestream and record the creation of the painting. you may particpate and contribute ideas during these sessions but changes may not always be possible depending on time constraints and complexity of changes

  • I reserve the right to decline or discontinue a commission at any time.

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