Monday - Friday I live stream art and tattooing on

Please go to and hit the follow button to join (heart icon). Don’t forget to click the notification button so you don’t miss any of the streamy goodness.

Viewer Rewards

When you hit the follow button you immediately begin earning viewer loyalty rewards in the form of points a.k.a. “ink stains”. These points are earned while watching the stream at a rate of 5 per 10 minutes watched, BUT you don’t have to be watching every minute. You might want to have the stream open in a tab and check in from time to time. This is called a “lurk”.

Ink stains are redeemable for a wide variety of goods and services and for or my tattoo clients, the most interesting will be hourly rate discounts!!

Watch or lurk for long enough to earn 10,000 ink stains and you can redeem them for 10% percent off 1 tattoo session! This reward is repeatable for as many times as you can earn and redeem the points!

Other rewards include custom commissions and discounts on merch from my online store. Come by the stream to see a complete list!


For a small monthly fee you can become a regular subscriber to my channel. There are 3 different subscription tiers, each with a variety of perks:

Tier 1 - $4.99 per month

  • Tattoo clients - hourly rate is now $180/hour instead of $185

  • Bonus points - earn an extra 10 every 10 min.

  • Emote - 1 Emote that can be used across twitch and discord

  • Personal discord channel -This is your private corner of the internet. Post whatever you want there, make it as private or public as you like. The channel remains yours even if you suspend your subscription. Click here to see

  • Entry into subscriber only raffles - Once a month I will raffle off an ORIGINAL piece of art for one subscriber to win.

  • Access to sub-only discord channels.

  • Priority critique - one of the subscriber only discord channels is a critique channel. Post your art there and receive live feedback from my on-stream or in private if you prefer.


Tier 2 - $9.99 per month

  • Everything from Tier 1 PLUS:

  • ADDITIONAL entry in Monthly raffles - you now have twice the chance of winning!

  • ADDITIONAL custom emote

  • High Res scan of the monthly raffle art - Downloadable from a private discord channel

Tier 3 - $24.99 per month

  • Everything from Tier 1 and 2 PLUS:

  • ADDITIONAL entry into monthly raffles! - yes, THREE times the chance of winning

  • ADDITIONAL custom emote - Yep. All three!

  • 10% Discount - on available art for sale OR on a custom commission

  • ORIGINAL small art piece - One signed 3.5” x 5.5” card, original artwork. When you first subscribe I will send a new card. As your subscription continues, I will periodically send new art. Their arrival and content will be a surprise but safe for work! Could be simple like a figure study sketch or something more elaborate…who knows!?


While you’re watching the stream there are a number of commands you can use for various results and information. For any command type an exclamation point first !

!say - followed by type will convert text to speech. DO YOUR WORST...but proceed at your own risk
!points - see where you stand with ink stands
!song - current song being played
!time - find out channel time
!top5 - top 5 users based on points
!uptime - how long have we been streaming?
!sr - followed by a youtube link and if song request is on, it will be automatically added to the que
!addqoute - followed by any qoute you would like to add from the chat and it will be added to a list
!qoute - a random sample from the list will be inserted into chat
!discord - to get a link to our server
!social - see a list of all my social media accounts
!commissions - info for commissioning custom artwork


While not directly related to Twitch, Discord is a valuable communication platform for live streamers. It provides a place for a community of like-minded people to gather, share ideas and help each other progress with various projects. It is free to use and anyone can start a new forum. I have a Discord server (these forums are usually called a “server”) that is connected to my twitch stream with the intent of providing educational material, study challenges and private spaces for artists of all levels to practice, share and discuss their work.

You can click here if you would like to join in. Please read the “server info” section first for an overview of whats happening in each channel